Rules & Regulations

Please note

It is your sole responsibility to review and understand your employer’s policies regarding your eligibility to participate in trade promotions. If you are participating in violation of your employer’s policies, you may be disqualified from entering or receiving awards. Microsoft disclaims any and all liability or responsibility for disputes arising between an employee and their employer related to this matter, and awards will only be awarded in compliance with the employer’s policies.

Common terms used in these rules

These are the official rules that govern how the Microsoft NZ Partner Awards 2019 contest promotion will operate (“Contest”).

In these rules, “we”, “our” and “us” refer to Microsoft New Zealand Ltd, the sponsor of this Contest. “You” and “Company” refers to an eligible Contest entrant.


A. Contest description

B. What are the start and end dates

C. What constitutes an eligible entry?

D. How will my entry potentially be used?

E. How do I enter?

F. Finalist and winner determination and awards 

G. Contest awards? 

H. What other conditions am I agreeing to by entering?

I. What if something unexpected happens and the contest can’t run as planned?

J. How can I find out who won?

K. Who is sponsoring this contest?

A. Contest description

This is a skill-based Contest.

The object of this Contest is to recognise the best Solution(s). For purposes of this Contest, “Solution” means a product application or implementation that: (i) uses the most recent versions of Microsoft technologies; and (ii) alleviates customer pain or solves a related business problem.

Partners will be asked to describe their successful implementation of a Solution for a specific customer and show how the Solution added business value. For purposes of this contest, each “solution” you create will be called an “entry”. All eligible entries received will be judged using the criteria described below to determine the winners of the awards described below.  If you put in more than one entry each entry must have a unique customer, you may not use the same entry over multiple awards.

NOTE: If your customer has any proprietary rights in and to the Solution you submit, as a condition of being named a winner in this Contest, your customer must be willing and able to grant to you and Microsoft the right and permission to feature and otherwise describe the Solution in a case study and to use the case study for promotional, editorial, demonstration or any other related purposes. If your customer is not willing to and/or is unable to grant such permission, then you should not enter the Solution in this Contest.

B. What are the start and end dates?

Entries for the 2019 Microsoft NZ Partner Awards can be submitted from Monday 8th July 2019 until Wednesday 14th August 2019 at 11:59pm (“Entry Period”).


You are eligible to enter this contest if you meet the following requirements at time entry:

  • You are a company with a registered office in New Zealand and a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) and actively enrolled in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), with a valid ID; and

  • No member of your staff is an employee of Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft New Zealand Ltd or any other Microsoft subsidiary; and

  • No member of your staff is involved in any part of the administration and execution of this Contest.

  • The Contest is void outside the geographic area described above and wherever else prohibited by law.

C. What constitutes an eligible entry?

To be eligible for judging an entry must meet the following content / technical requirements:

  • Submit entries using the Microsoft NZ Partner Awards 2019 submission tool.

  • Submit entries in the English language [Please note that the Solution may be developed in any language but the entry itself must be submitted in the English language].

  • Solution must have at least one commercial customer and the solution must have been delivered after March 2018 OR has been significantly changed or upgraded since March 1st, 2018.

  • Solution must be developed primarily using Microsoft software and/or hardware.

  • Answers provided in the Microsoft New Zealand Partner Awards 2019 Submission Tool remain confidential and are not made public without the partner’s consent.


  • Your entry must be your own original work; and

  • You must have obtained any and all consents, approvals or licenses required for you to submit your entry; and

  • Your entry must not otherwise violate the rights of any other person or company by using their trademarks, music, logos, names or images without their express written consent.


Your entry must disclose any immediate family (partner, sibling, spouse or child) relationship or household relationship between:

(a)  any member of your staff; and

(b)  any person that is either:

   i. An employee of Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft New Zealand Ltd or any other Microsoft subsidiary, or

   ii. involved in any part of the administration and execution of this Contest.

Entries may NOT contain, as determined by us, in our sole and absolute discretion, any content that:

  • Is sexually explicit, unnecessarily violent or derogatory of any ethnic, racial, gender, religious, professional or age group; profane or pornographic;

  • Promotes alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, firearms/weapons (or the use of any of the foregoing) or a particular political agenda;

  • Is obscene or offensive;

  • Defames, misrepresents or contains disparaging remarks about other people or companies;

  • Is misleading or deceptive; or

  • Communicates messages or images inconsistent with the positive images and/or good will to which we wish to associate; and/or violates any law.

  • We reserve the right to reject any entry, in our sole and absolute discretion, that we determine does not meet the above criteria.

D. How will my entry be potentially used? 

Other than what is set forth below, we are not claiming any ownership rights to your entry. However, by submitting your entry, you: 

  • Are granting us an irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide right and license to: (i) use, review, assess, test and otherwise analyse your entry and all its content in connection with this Contest; and (ii) feature your entry and all content in connection with the marketing, sale, or promotion of this Contest (including but not limited to internal and external sales meetings, conference presentations, tradeshows, and screen shots of the Contest entry in press releases) in all media (now known or later developed)

  • Agree to sign any necessary documentation that may be required for us and our designees to make use of the rights you granted above;

  • Understand and acknowledge that Microsoft may have developed or commissioned materials similar or identical to your submission and you waive any claims you may have resulting from any similarities to your entry;

  • Understand that we cannot control the incoming information you will disclose to our representatives in the course of entering, or what our representatives will remember about your entry. You also understand that we will not restrict work assignments of representatives who have had access to your entry. By entering this Contest, you agree that use of information in our representatives’ unaided memories in the development or deployment of our products or services does not create liability for us under this agreement or copyright or trade secret law;

  • Understand that you will not receive any compensation or credit for use of your entry, other than what is described in these Official Rules

  • Please note that following the end of this Contest the details of your entry may be posted on a website for viewing by visitors to that website. We are not responsible for any unauthorised use of your entry by visitors to this website. While we reserve these rights, we are not obligated to use your entry for any purpose, even if it has been selected as a winning entry.

If you do not want to grant us these rights to your entry, please do not enter this Contest.

E. How do I enter?

In order to participate in this Contest, you must go to the Contest Web site and enter your nomination on the create entry page and complete and submit the online entry form, including submission of your entry, as instructed.

You may submit more than one entry in any category as long as it is a different customer solution, and you may be chosen as a finalist and/or winner in more than one category.

We are not responsible for entries that we do not receive for any reason, or for entries that we receive but are not decipherable for any reason.

We will automatically disqualify:

  • Any incomplete or illegible entry

F. Finalist and winner determination and awards

On or around the close of the entry period, a panel of judges will review all eligible entries received and select runner-up finalists and one winner for each of the Contest Awards described below. Finalists will be contacted in September 2019, to the e-mail address, the phone number provided at time of entry and must agree at that time to participate in the Awards Program.

Winners will be announced during the Microsoft NZ Partner Awards celebration evening which will be held October 17th, 2019. We will make three (3) attempts to contact each finalist to confirm their participation. If we are unable to make contact in three (3) attempts, we will notify the next runner-up finalist and give that company the opportunity to verify their participation.

PLEASE NOTE that agreeing to participate as a finalist or winner does not mean that you are required to attend the Microsoft New Zealand Partner Awards in person.

Finalists, winners and their guests who choose to attend the Microsoft New Zealand Partner Awards celebration evening in person are responsible for all registration, travel and personal expenses associated with attending the event.

G. Contest awards

The Microsoft NZ Partner Awards are split into 11 categories:

1.    The Modern Workplace Award

2.    Azure Migrate Award

3.    Azure Innovate Award

4.    Business Applications Award

5.    Surface Partner Award

6.    Channel Development Award

7.    Empowering Employees Award

8.    Engaging Customers Award

9.    Optimising Operations Award

10.  Transforming Products Award

11.  Cloud For Good Award



  • Recognition: Recognition at the Microsoft New Zealand Partner Awards

  • Success: Trophies to signify your success and congratulatory certificate

  • Status: Custom public relations templates to promote your award-winning status

  • Public Relations: Photo and PR opportunities with Microsoft executives

  • Promotion: A marketing promotion pack to promote your award win, including customised logos and web banners

  • Case Study Opportunity: Have a case study developed around your award-winning solution

H. What other conditions am I agreeing to by entering?

By submitting your nomination via the Microsoft New Zealand Partner Awards Tool submission process for submitting an entry, you hereby acknowledge and agree:

  • To abide by these Official Rules; and

  • To release and hold harmless Microsoft and its respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, employees and agents from any and all liability or any injury, loss or damage of any kind arising from or in connection with this Contest, or any prize won; and

  • That Microsoft’s decisions will be final and binding on all matters related to this Contest; and

  • That Microsoft may use of your proper name and state/country of residence online and in print, or in any other media, in connection with this Contest, without payment or compensation to you, except where prohibited by law.

  • Finalists should be prepared to provide additional materials required for editorial or promotional purposes and to help promote the Microsoft New Zealand Partner Awards Program. Additional materials may include, but are not limited to, screen images, photographs of the development team, company logo (both on disk and a high-resolution printout), and video source.

I. What if something unexpected happens and the contest can't run as planned?

If someone cheats, or a virus, bug, catastrophic event, or any other unforeseen or unexpected event that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled, (also referred to as force majeure) affects the fairness and/or integrity of this Contest, we reserve the right to cancel, change or suspend this Contest.

This right is reserved whether the event is due to human or technical error. If a solution cannot be found to restore the integrity of the Contest, we reserve the right to select winners from among all eligible entries received before we had to cancel, change or suspend the Contest.

If you attempt to compromise the integrity or the legitimate operation of this Contest by hacking or by cheating or committing fraud in ANY way, we may seek damages from you to the fullest extent permitted by law. Further, we may ban you from participating in any of our future Contest, so please play fairly.

J. How can I find out who won? 

We will post the names of contest winners on the Microsoft Partner Awards web site.

K. Who is sponsoring this contest?

Microsoft New Zealand Limited.

Microsoft House, Level 5, 22 Viaduct Harbour Ave, Westhaven, Auckland 1010

Entry information is collected on computers located in New Zealand and in the United States.  This Contest will be governed by the laws of New Zealand, and you consent to the non-exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts of New Zealand for any disputes arising out of this Contest. 


Please send an email to the Microsoft Awards 2019 Team and allow 48 hours for a response.