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Find out about the different Microsoft New Zealand Partner Award categories for 2019


The Award Categories

We are excited to offer Microsoft’s New Zealand partners a variety of awards designed to showcase solutions built on Microsoft technologies that provide benefits to all customers. These awards celebrate successes and innovations related to partner competencies, cloud technology, entrepreneurial spirit, as well as highlighting the great work done by partners in the public sector and in the Philanthropy arenas.

The Modern Workplace Award

The world is rapidly evolving, Millennials will soon dominate the workplace, and they come with different hopes and expectations. We want to find the partners who are leveraging the power of Office 365 to bring their customers into the digital Twenty First Century.

The Modern Workplace Award honours a partner who has empowered customers to be more mobile, more secure and more collaborative. A partner who works closely with their customers to create and curate true modern workplaces.

Does that sound like you?  
If so, here's what you need to do.  

Prove you have empowered your customers to create substantial and sustainable growth by transforming their workplace with one or all of the Microsoft 365 suite (Office 365, Windows 10, Enterprise Security + Mobility), or Microsoft Teams.

Demonstrate innovation, competitive differentiation, and customer benefits. (The nominee can either have deployed one or the full set of offerings directly or with other partners.) 

Customers need trusted advisors, and the winning partner should demonstrate expertise in helping customers modernise their workplace and keeping their IT environment compliant and secure. 

Eligible candidates will have proven their ability to meet customer demands by:

  • Delivering business value to a customer by simplifying their processes, enhancing their security and improving their device deployment and management processes.

  • Highlighting how you deliver end-to-end solutions that encourage people to communicate and collaborate.

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Azure Migrate Award

With Microsoft Azure growing at 3 x the New Zealand cloud market (IDC), the Azure Migrate Award is a significant award for Cloud Masters Builders. Does that sound like you? The Azure Migrate Award honours a partner that has created an Azure solution that enables a customer to begin their digital transformation journey leveraging:

  1. Microsoft Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (e.g. IaaS);

  2. A portfolio of Azure Public Cloud services;

  3. Or virtualised resources complemented by storage and networking capabilities offered on demand.

The nomination should outline how your innovative solution created competitive differentiation, and value that resulted in a profitable business outcome for the customer.

The winner will illustrate customer scenario(s) and problems resolved by the solution, how more customers were won, better customer service delivered, or how other business goal was achieved. 

Eligible candidates will have proven their ability to meet customer demands by:

  • Demonstrating how the solution successfully met customer interoperability, scalability and security needs using a combination of Microsoft Azure with other technologies. These can include hybrid Windows, SQL Server and Linux migrations to Azure, landing SAP solutions on Microsoft Azure, migrating SQL Database or OSS Database onto Microsoft Azure, Migrating existing applications to Microsoft Azure.

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Azure Innovate Award

Years ago, the Economist prophesised that 'Data would be the new oil.' It was an accurate prophesy.  Are you a partner working, innovating and disrupting the cutting edge of data and analytics? If so, then this is the award for you.  

This award honours those testing and pushing the edge of possibility. The Azure Innovate Award honours a New Zealand partner who has successfully created a solution that leverages Platform-as-a-service solutions (PaaS), Azure DevOps, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Azure SQL Datawarehouse or the Internet of Things (IoT) using Azure or other Microsoft solutions.  

The winning partner must demonstrate innovation, competitive differentiation, and customer value while showcasing the benefits of using Microsoft’s Innovative capability by either modernising customers environments or applications, or creating new application or innovative Data & AI solutions leveraging Platform-as-a-Service technologies.

Eligible candidates will have proven their ability to meet customer demands by: 

  • Illustrating the acceleration that can occur when a partner helps their customer solve a business problem, and show the capture, curation, and consumption of data across AI, Big Data or IoT.

  • Data is only one part of the solution. A Digital Universe study found that only 0.5% of global data is analysed, and just half of data requiring security measures is protected. This award rewards those partners who have found innovative methods of freeing and exploiting data through solutions leveraging SQL Data Warehouse on Azure or building innovative applications

  • Projects relating to PaaS and / or Azure DevOps must demonstrate how the partner enabled the customer to maximise the benefits of PaaS, ideally with the use of Azure DevOps services enabling customers to be innovative and agile.

  • Projects relating to IoT must demonstrate how the partner deployed their IoT solution to untap data from existing and new devices, ideally leveraging Microsoft Azure Data Platform solutions, to unlock powerful insights and help the customer improve business decision making. Other IoT examples to illustrate could include the use of geo-localisation from things, real-time data transfer or how predictive maintenance help ensure zero downtime – ultimately improving business results and increasing customer value.

  • Projects relating to an AI solution need to demonstrate how the winning partner designed, developed, and deployed Azure-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions with a customer to untap data from existing and new devices, ideally leveraging Microsoft Azure Data Platform solutions, and unlock powerful insights to help the business take action.

  • The nomination will demonstrate how the partner solved customer requirements to drive business transformation and innovation. AI scenarios to illustrate would include monitoring assets to improve efficiencies, driving operational performance to enable innovation, and using advanced data analytics to transform a business with new business models and revenue streams.

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Business Applications Award

Have you built a smart, innovative business app that has had a genuine impact for your customer? If so, then this is the award for you.

The Business Applications Partner Award recognises a partner that has created internal business apps, customer facing apps, enterprise application integration or digital media, to improve business results, increase customer value, and help companies drive their business forward.

Eligible candidates for this award will have proven their ability to meet customer demands by:

  • Demonstrating success to help a customer grow their digital business via application solutions the partner has created.

  • Illustrating how the business application helped reach the customer’s audience across multiple device platforms to provide a seamless and unique user experience.

  • Other examples to show include how the business application leverages structured and unstructured data to provide real-time recommendations or how the solution enhanced the user experience through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

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Surface Partner Award

Surface combines innovative features with beautiful form. Have you reflected these characteristics by taking Surface to market in unique, engaging way?

If so, then you are in the running for this award.

The Surface Partner Award recognises excellence across the Surface range of devices, in both sales, marketing and execution.

A partner who has driven customer adoption and outcomes and has grown their business with Surface over the past 12 months.

The winning award will demonstrate how a partner has taken Surface to customer and grown the customer base through innovation and has driven impact.

Eligible candidates for this award will have proven their ability to meet customer demands by:

  • Demonstrating how they created a significant increase in the number of served Surface customers.

  • Helped to successfully launch new Surface products into the New Zealand market and drive adoption.

  • Driving increased revenue through Surface.

Eligible partners for this award:

  1. Surface Commercial ADR’s and DMP’s – Surface Devices

  2. Surface Commercial ADR’s and VADOR’s – Surface Hub

  3. Surface Retail Partners.

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Channel Development Award

The 2019 Channel Development Partner of the Year award honours a New Zealand partner, either a distributor or learning partner from New Zealand, that has worked to substantially grow and develop their channel base and/or their channels capability to deliver customer impact.

Eligible candidates for this award will have proven their ability to make significant developments within the New Zealand channel demands by:

  • Demonstrating effective direct engagement with Microsoft New Zealand to reach successful business outcomes (such as customer wins, or technology adoptions).

  • Illustrating the partner’s alignment to Microsoft in one or more of the following solution areas: Modern Workplace, Azure, Business Applications, Data and AI, Applications and Infrastructure.

  • The partner must have used one or more of the latest release Microsoft products to create a unique Channel Development program or offering to prove them a competitive advantage.

  • Provide quantitative metrics measuring the positive business impact from an area of channel development, be it a service, program or solution (for example, return on investment (ROI), increased productivity, financial impact, growth).

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Empowering Employees Award

Today we work in more groups than at any other time, and collaboration can be the difference between success and failure. And the Empowering Employees Award recognises a partner that has enabled its customers to work more collaboratively. The new workspace is made up of free range workers without walls. Have you implemented technology to create that new reality for your customers? If so, then this is the award for you.

The award winner will show how they have delivered a seamless experience across the familiar applications people already use, including Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Yammer, Sharepoint, Surface devices, Skype for Business and/or virtually any other application or service to empower their customers employees – fuelling collaboration and productivity, while mitigating the risks that comes with providing freedom and space to employees.

This award recognises a partner that has enhanced the suite of Microsoft Office-based or Dynamics solutions (or both!) by delivering an innovative or transformative solution that evolves the way people communicate and collaborate today... all while delivering a significant impact to the customer.

Eligible candidates for this award will have proven their ability to meet customer demands by:

  • Demonstrating how your solution empowers people with tools that fuel collaboration and productivity.

  • Demonstrating how your solution enables people to create, learn, share and grow.

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Engaging Customers Award

The Engaging Customers Award recognises a partner who creates solutions that put the customer first. The award celebrates a partner building better, stronger engagements for their customers by connecting data to provide a complete view of the customer’s business. The solution should illustrate how it can provide actionable intelligence and predictive insights that can deliver personalisation at scale.

This award focuses on partner organisations who are improving customer engagement by investing in the latest emerging technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT), smart machines and sensors, computer vision, digital agents, bots, and language and speech recognition.

Eligible candidates for this award will have proven their ability to meet customer demands by:

  • Building better, stronger engagement with your customers.

  • Building and harnessing a complete view of your customer, then act on derived insights.

  • Predicting the products and services your customers need.

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Optimising Operations Award

Having data is one thing – using it effectively is something entirely different.

The Optimising Operations Award recognises a partner who helps their customers optimise their business operations with effective use of data.

The partner solution helps to reshape customer relationships and service models by gathering data across a wide, dispersed set of endpoints, and draw insights through advanced analytics to introduce improvements on a continuous, real time basis.

The winning solution will have enabled customers to analyse any data – including unstructured and streaming data – to make fast, strategic business decisions and predict future business opportunities.

Winning solutions should take advantage of leading advanced analytics capabilities using Microsoft’s cloud data services including HDInsight, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Data Factory and be built on top of a Microsoft data warehousing solution.

Eligible candidates for this award will have proven their ability to meet customer demands by:

  • Optimising business processes and service models.

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Transforming Products Award

Every business is in the throes of digital transformation. But how are you helping shape and curate that transformation for your customers?

The Transforming Products Award recognises a partner that excels in reinventing products, services and business models using digital content to capitalise on emerging revenue opportunities.

The partner will provide unique digital transformation solution that delivers exceptional customer business value in a specific industry, such as manufacturing, distribution, retail, professional services, public sector or financial services.

The winning solution will demonstrate a thorough understanding of the industry and expertise about the specific vertical being served, as well as consistent, high quality, predictable service to our mutual customers. Successful entrants will demonstrate business leadership and success through strong growth in customer additions and revenue.

Eligible candidates for this award will have proven their ability to meet customer demands by:

  • Demonstrating how the customer is innovating and adapting their products and services.

  • Demonstrating how the customer business model and value chain evolves to capture opportunities and respond to threats.

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Cloud For Good Award

Microsoft’s mission is to empower every organisation and person on the planet to achieve more. This is an altruism award that recognised partners who have gone beyond the norm to assist NGO and non-profit organisations to try and make the world a better place.

The Cloud For Good Award represents Microsoft’s commitment to making technology accessible to everyone around New Zealand. It’s also about our commitment to empower partners to create these solutions to do more good and drive deeper impact in the communities they serve.

Therefore, the Cloud For Good Award recognises a Microsoft partner creating and deploying a cutting-edge cloud technology solution for a non-governmental, non-profit organisation in ways that help them to be more efficient and/or more effective at driving their missions.

Eligible candidates for this award will have proven their ability to meet customer demands by:

  • Demonstrating how non-profits are scaling their business through new tools and/or efficiencies using the latest Microsoft cloud technologies.

  • Showing a solution that surpasses previous or current solutions to the community problem.

  • Highlighting a solution or program deployed within the past year.

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